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 Licence typeWhat's this for?
Pool or spaRegister your permanent pool or spa
Relocatable PoolRegister your relocatable/temporary pool or spa
Compliance CertificateUpload your pool compliance certificate
Non Compliance CertificateUpload your pool non compliance certificate
Extension of TimeRequest an extension of time to lodge your Certificate of Barrier Compliance
This is Merri-bek City Council's full suite of form applications for parking permits
 Licence typeWhat's this for?
Business Parking Permit 1Apply if you are an employee of a business that operates and resides within a permanent address of Moreland, and require your vehicle to be parked in one of the designated Permit Zone areas. Businesses are eligible for one permit if they have one or two off-street parking spaces. Businesses with no off-street parking are eligible for 2 business permits and businesses with more than two off-street parking spaces are not eligible for any business parking permits.
Business Parking Permit 2Apply for the second business parking permit if you already hold the first permit and do not have any off-street parking on the property.
Service permit applicationA Service permit is available to accommodate tradespeople, removalists and other service providers who are serving Moreland residents. This provides short term exemptions of up to a month in areas where timed restrictions apply, and is an alternative for those who are not eligible for a Visitor Parking Permit.
Moreland user permit application A Moreland user permit provides longer-term access to on-street parking in areas in Moreland where time restrictions apply. Anyone can apply for this permit for any street or area in Moreland and receive exemption from timed parking restrictions in that street.
Visitor scratch ticketsVisitor permits are sold in books of 10 scratch tickets. Only residents who live in a street with timed parking restrictions and live in a property which has not been subdivided after August 2011 can apply. Ineligible properties can apply for visitor permits based on need for visits by carers, health care or social workers, or in cases where visits are vital to reduce the risk of social isolation.
 Licence typeWhat's this for?
Register a Food Premises Class 1 Class 1 food premises have the highest food safety risks. They mainly handle potentially hazardous food that is served to vulnerable people in hospitals, childcare centres and aged care facilities.
Register a Food Premises Class 2 Class 2 food premises are those that handle unpackaged potentially hazardous foods that need correct temperature control during the food handling process - including cooking and storage - to keep them safe.
Register a Food Premises Class 3 Class 3 food premises are those whose main activities involve the sale of foods not commonly associated with food poisoning, such as the supply or handling of unpackaged low risk foods, or sale of pre-packaged potentially hazardous foods that simply need refrigeration to keep them safe.
Notification of a Food Premises Class 4 Class 4 food premises are those whose food handling activities pose a low risk to public health.
Register a Health-related BusinessHealth-related businesses include hairdressing, ear and body piercing, tattooists, beauty treatments and colonic irrigation.
Register a Prescribed AccommodationPrescribed accommodation includes hotels, caravan parks, bed and breakfasts, rooming and boarding houses. There are additional requirements for rooming and boarding houses. See Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Registered Accommodation Association of Victoria (RAAV) for details.
Request to Transfer a BusinessWhen you purchase an existing business you need to apply to Council to transfer a health-related business. This is NOT able to be used to transfer any food business. Food businesses can no longer be transferred instead apply to register a Food Business above.
Request for a Pre-purchase Inspection ReportCouncil offers a pre-purchase inspection service, which includes an inspection of the business by a Council Environmental Health Officer and a report that details all non-compliant items relating to the Food Act 1984 or the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.
 Licence typeWhat's this for?
Footpath Activities Permit ApplicationYour business needs a permit to put items on the footpath like advertising signs, goods, tables and chairs, umbrellas and screens.
Excess Animal PermitYou will need an excess animal permit if you have more than the allowed number of animals