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 Application typeWhat's this for?
Green waste binOrder a green waste bin from Council. A one-off fee applies.
 Application typeWhat's this for?
Temporary Road Occupation permitIf you will be working on the road, footpath or nature strip, including building works or an event, you need to apply for a permit.
Work Within Road Reserve consentIf you will be carrying out works involving digging up a footpath, nature strip or road, you must apply for consent from the Coordinating Road Authority. You can search the Maps of Declared Roads to identify the authority.
 Application typeWhat's this for?
S80 Lodgement by Registered Building SurveyorLodge a section 80 building notification online.
S30 Lodgement by Registered Building SurveyorLodge a section 30 building permit and plans online.
Final Lodgement by Registered Building SurveyorLodge a Certificate of Final Inspection and/or Occupancy Permit.
 Application typeWhat's this for?
Demolition - Section 29ALodge an application for the report and consent of Council for demolition under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993.
 Application typeWhat's this for?
Upload statutory declarationIf you need to upload the statutory declaration and photo of the sign after advertising an application.
Upload plans to satisfy permit conditionsIf a planning permit has been issued and Council requests plans or documents to meet the permit conditions.
Application for secondary consentTo apply for minor changes to the plans, if you have already been issued a permit and have endorsed plans.

If the amendment is not minor, see amendment to a planning permit.
Application for extension of timeTo apply to extend the permit start or completion date, if you have been issued a permit.
 Application typeWhat's this for?
Copy of building permit plans or documentsYou must be the owner or have the owner's written consent to view plans.